My love of all things creative began as soon as I could hold a crayon and I thought my dream was realised when I was accepted into the University of Ulster, belfast, better known as "The Art College". Unfortunately instead of breaking the mould I just didn't fit the mould and after a couple of years of being told I was "too traditional" I became an art college dropout (insert Frenchy and her Beauty School Drop Out rendition here!).

I went on to complete a more studious and "sensible" degree however never gave up on my love of art. I spent my spare time painting and drawing before concluding it was "rubbish" and putting it in the bin as much of us self criticising artistic types do.  



However at long last when I was planning my own wedding I searched the high street and online stores for a cake topper that wasn't the generic plastic Mr & Mrs. I soon realised that the cake topper I envisaged was hard to come by and so I painted my own wooden mini Mark and me. To my surprise my little cake topper received much love and I thought I could maybe make something of this! The spare room in our house was quickly cleared of junk, a desk was bought for £10, my paints and brushes were led out and just like that Creeveroe Crafts was born. Since then I have been so unbelievably lucky and privileged to contribute to so many beautiful couples big days. ​

All cake toppers are custom made here in ireland. 

Creeveroe Crafts cake toppers allow you to have a mini recreation of you and your partner on your big day and make a wonderful keepsake to pop on your shelf so that you can remember your special day for years to come.

Each cake topper is lovingly hand painted and you can even include your pets which can be moulded from clay. All you need to do is send me photos of your dress, suit, hair piece, flowers etc and wait for your mini recreation to arrive in the post to be  part of your special day.

Creeveroe Crafts is a happy place where brides and grooms look forward to their new adventure together. That's why Creeveroe Crafts pledges to donate £5 for every cake topper sold to pips in order to overcome depression because every person should be able to look forward and find their happy place.

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